There are times where things come up and we have to adjust our schedule. Maybe you've found a therapist to work with but his/her office is too far from your home. You're probably a world traveler or live internationally.  Online therapy is available if you are looking for sessions that are confidential, economical, accessible, and convenient to your schedule.  


You can have a session in the comfort of your own home or a place where your privacy is not compromised. Wherever you decide, I provide the same quality of services just like if you were to come in the office. 


  • I use a HIPAA-compliant, video platform, that is encrypted to protect your privacy and confidentiality.

  • I provide online therapy to Florida residents and clients who travel and/or live internationally. 



  • A  reliable WiFi connection. For example, if you are able to stream services like Netflix, then your internet connection is fast enough to participate in online therapy.

  • A location that will not compromise your privacy or confidentiality. I will do the same on my end.

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