I want every woman who I work with to feel heard and supported. You don't have to book a session with me because I "sound nice" or have a bright smile. It's very important for you to have therapist with whom you feel comfortable and ultimately believe will be able to help you with the challenges you are facing. 


My professional expertise as a licensed mental health counselor validates my personal experience and has equipped me to walk along your side with empathy and insight as you navigate this same path. 

I chose to bet on myself and it changed my entire life. It gave me the freedom to release the expectations of others and be secure in who I am authentically. Therapy is an investment that will yield a positive return and hopefully become a legacy from which generations to come would benefit.  


Whether you are looking for relief from anxiety, depression and trauma, I'm here to provide practical tools and healthy coping skills. You will learn how to develop a healthy mindset and during the process, we will celebrate every win, big or small. 


My goal is to empower you to give yourself permission to heal and for you to develop a clear sense of purpose and be able to live every day with intention.