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Evolve into the woman God created you to be.

Christ-Centered Counseling | Online Therapy for Christian Women in Florida & Georgia 

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she's healthy. she's enough. she's goals. she's YOU !

On the outside, it seems like you have it all—the successful career, the beautiful family, the house, the social circle—but on the inside you feel like you're struggling to find your way and keep it all together. You're tired of being and doing everything for everyone and putting yourself last. Your drive to care and provide for those you love and maintain your lifestyle means you're always pushing yourself to be and do more. You know you can’t keep up this pace of caring for everyone except yourself without breaking down. 




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Christian counselor in Florida

Meet Sara Elysee

Why SoundMind Wellness®

I welcome you into my practice and I really do hope that you will find your care here at SoundMind Wellness® to be a rewarding experience.​  My faith and family life is very important to me. I have an amazing husband and two sons. Mental health and well-being is important for me as well as my clients, and so I value every minute that I am able to be with my family and make time for self-care.


1031 IVES DAIRY RD., SUITE 228 |  MIAMI, FL 33179

PHONE: 954-613-9414


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